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“Children’s Cancer Care” has been supporting pediatric cancer patients at Tata Memorial Hospital since 2014.

The uniqueness about this organization is that they help in obtaining complete financial support only for the children that are identified by the treating doctors at the Tata Memorial Hospital.


The identified children are most deserving and in dire need of support. The process is absolutely transparent and the donations are given by donors directly & in full to the selected child’s Account at the Tata Memorial Hospital on the Tata Memorial Center portal.


“Children’s Cancer Care” does not levy any administrative charges. Since 2014, they have supported more than 30 children to the tune of Five Million Indian Rupees. We are grateful to them for their generous & whole hearted support.


 - Shripad D. Banavali, Professor & Head, Dept. of Medical & Pediatric Oncology, Coordinator, TMC-Rural Outreach Program

Tata Memorial Center

“If I have to summarize CCC in few words-CCC actually stands for Compassion, Care and Commitment towards Children fighting cancer in its highest form. 
They are among our biggest angels who help us give succour to little souls fighting the big "C".

    -Dr. Brijesh Arora, Professor Pediatric  Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital 

"We see almost 4000 new cases of Pediatric Cancer at Tata Memorial Centre each year! We provide holistic support to each and every child coming to the hospital for treatment. We need to start the work up for every child on day one of coming to the hospital, without any delays. Post the work up we do the medical and financial planning for every patient. Childrens Cancer Care has been our support system and help us with the cases where the families do not have complete documentation to apply for Government grants and need timely funding. We are grateful to them for their support over the years."

 -Shalini Jatia, Secretary, ImPaCCT Foundation, Division of Pediatric Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital

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