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Shenzen Gita Parivar

Founded 5 years ago,  Shenzhen Gita Pariwar is a voluntary group of like minded individuals, living in Shenzhen China. The group serves in transforming oneself through learnings and practice of the principles prescribed in the Bhagwad Gita and other scriptures. The mission of this group is to inculcate the essence of humanity in one's daily activities. Thus, Shenzhen Gita Pariwar is involved in various activities aimed to make a difference in lives of the people in the society. The Pariwar members have created a charity fund for helping cancer inflicted children whose parents cannot afford the cost of treatment. All donations to the fund are voluntary contributions by Pariwar members in celebration of special occasions in their lives like birthdays,  anniversaries and festivals.

This year, in an attempt to try something new, the Pariwar organized a fundraiser event to celebrate Navaratri festival in Shenzhen. The intention was to promote the vibrant culture of India as well as raise funds for Shubham Panchal (14) and Saba Anjum Md. Kayumuddin (1) - two kids hosted by Children's Cancer Care and being treated in Tata Memorial Hospital.

To keep the expenses low,  the event was organized in a badminton court and tickets were sold primarily through word of mouth. Pariwar members  along with a few other kind hearted participants, volunteered to prepare Indian food at home and set up food stalls. Both the tickets and the food prices were intentionally kept low to invite larger participation and donations for the cause. The decorations of the hall along with other necessary items like tables, chairs, sound boxes etc. were also voluntarily donated by people from the Indian community in Shenzhen. Posters on the Shenzhen Gita Pariwar, its activities and mission as well as the charity boxes with the kids pictures were put up across the hall to get more people associated with this greater cause.

The event had an overwhelming response and was attended not only by the Indians but also foreigners who wanted to experience the rich Indian culture and contribute for the cause. Within four hours the event raised enough funds for treatment of both the kids.

The entire money was immediately transferred directly into the accounts of the children through help and guidance from Children's Cancer Care. The Pariwar prays to God for their speedy recovery and wishes them a healthy and happy life.

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