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“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you"

To be able to witness, experience and share this journey with you is an infinite blessing for me. I am so glad to be associated with CCC* because the work you all doing. I know you will continue to change lives, its so inspiring and moving. Thank you for helping me recognize the purpose of life and the joy of giving . 

In the words of Mother Teresa “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

- Ms. Sangita Desai

"Children's Cancer Care's policy of a 100% transfer of donor funds directly to the child's hospital account is unique and provides transparency to the donor"

- Mr. Mubin Jumani

"CCC is doing a wonderful job and making an honest contribution to the society. They are not only helping save the lives of those children but also instilling hope in the hearts of the thousands of parents across the nation. We wish them the very best on this journey and hope we too can contribute in their endeavor whenever possible"

- Mr. Ashish & Sameer Makani

We were introduced to CCC about a year back. We have supported their cause in a very small way from time to time, and, are very happy with their model and transparency, no admin debits in such charities is rare, and that is why we shall keep supporting them and pray for growth of CCC and its activities."

- Mr Hemant Kanoria

"We are happy to state that CCC as an organisation is doing a splendid job for kids affected with cancer.
 The team is working for this cause tireless,diligently & with full dedication.We have contributed in a small way thru' them for the cancer affected children,we are happy to let you know that we are very satisfied with their hard work for these needy children."

- Nalini & Tushar Jani

"I learnt about CCC from a friend of mine. They have started a wonderful initiative which gives us a chance to contribute to the society.

I have been in regular touch with Imraan for all the donations by various people from China to TMH through CCC. They have been very active, responsive & transparent in their operations.

I totally support CCC & urge everyone to help them raise funds for kids fighting cancer at TMH. Wishing them all the best & God bless."

- Tina Arora

"It is a real privilege to be able to share with those in need.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your campaign to raise awareness and funds for CCC*. It is a great cause that the funds raised are being used for - to treat those truly in need, especially the children suffering from Cancer at the Tata Memorial Hospital.
Knowing that so many children are being given a new lease of life is just so heartwarming.
Thank you for all the selfless work the team, at CCC* has put in to making our world a better place. Every bit counts.
It is truly commendable to see all the great work CCC* is doing. 

I hope with each passing year you are able to grow your wonderful organisation, and can help many more children get treated and get better and live their lives cancer-free. And on my part, I hope to be able to support you for as long as I can, in as many ways as I can. "


-  Kainaz Sethna


Children's Cancer Care* is a remarkable organisation that I am delighted to be associated with !
The transparency of funds raised and being able to see how donations are directly impacting each patient is really quite unique !
The CCC* team's  personal involvement in raising funds show genuineness  in trying to help each case they take up.
I particularly appreciate the effort taken to explain each case history and the stage of treatment the child is in so that we feel personally connected to these innocent children who are going through so much !
Our donations should hopefully be able to alleviate at least a bare minimum of their problems.
Wishing my very best to IMPACCT Foundation, Tata Memorial Hospital and CCC* in their endeavors to help as many children as possible suffering from Cancer.

- Kavita Gadkari

We have come across so many appeals in the paper seeking financial help for children afflicted with life threatening diseases, but we have always hesitated, having read about so many scams. So our willingness to help remained just a wish.
When Children’s Cancer Care approached us, it was different. The transparency with which they operate convinced us that our donations would reach the neediest cases. They only put forward cases that have been backed by The IMPACCT Foundation at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH)*, whom they work with very closely. Documentation to support that is also in place, so we were convinced that our money was put to good use.
The donation goes directly to the child’s account at Tata Memorial and case histories of the patients that they are helping, are shared with us, so we are assured that our money is in safe hands.
CCC’s genuine care and concern is very evident because they don’t even deduct any administration charges. Everything goes to the concerned kid.
We really appreciate the tireless devotion of CCC members to their cause and will support them whenever possible. Thank you CCC. May you be blessed with all the strength and energy you need to keep up this great work.

- Savita and Mark Mathai

We have been associated with Children’s Cancer Care, an organization that is doing outstanding work by providing the much-needed financial support to cancer afflicted children from less fortunate backgrounds.
What we really appreciate about the organization that there is 100% transparency in their financial dealings and their zealous commitment to this cause. The volunteers impart their duties on goodwill and all donations go directly into the accounts of the children selected by the organization and the IMPACCT Foundation at the TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. 
Not just that, the team at CCC even keep the donors informed about the progress of the children. It feels really good when a child whose treatment you have contributed towards recovers and returns back to his normal life. 
Our best wishes to the CCC and we look forward to being associated with them for years to come. God bless you’ll for making this happen.

- Muktal & Samir Tewari

Children's Cancer Care is truly an inspiring organisation. Along with their unmatched expertise, they are dedicated and caring not just towards their patients but also to the families who often need much emotional support.
Financial support comes from the relentless work done by their fundraising team to ensure that they get uninterrupted treatment. All donations made are 100% transparent and regular updates on the progress of the children supported are always heartening to read. 
Kudos to all involved for giving these children their very best.



- Pereena & Dev Lamba

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