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Meet the Children

Mohammad Yusuf

4 years

At the young age of 4 years, Mohammad Yusuf had experienced a swelling in his stomach, in his hometown of Kolkata. He arrived at Tata Memorial Hospital on January 25th and has been recommended to have treatment for a total of one and a half years. The family has already lost another child to cancer and is trying their best to fight this battle again. The family is currently living with their relatives and Mohammad’s father has a job as a watchman at the hospital itself. His experience at the hospital has been great as the doctors understand him well and the nurses help him out with any doubts. He says the processes at the hospital are very efficient and things get done much quicker than in Kolkata.

He tells us about a time when a doctor put his son on his shoulders and walked all around the hospital with him in order to distract him and feed him his medicine.

He also feels like the programs and study courses they have for children at the hospital are great, along with the support system he has from other parents facing the same ordeal.

Ishu Singh

4 years

Ishu is from Allahabad, UP and is here with his father and grandfather. Unfortunately, his mother had to head back home to UP as she is expecting her second child. Ishu also has an older brother who he constantly talks about and he is very eager to meet him again. His treatment started on the 7th of April and is scheduled to go on for 8 months. Our donors have been extremely generous and raised enough funds for Ishu. He is recovering well as of now and we have our wonderful benefactors to thank.

Meeting Ishu was an extremely fun and entertaining experience. He is a very talkative and bubbly child who was constantly showing of his belongings in the ward such as his toothbrush, blanket and even the sanitizer provided to him. He would demonstrate the way the doctors would come in and talk to him and even tried to draw a bit for us. His family is very grateful for all the support they have received and this all we hope to achieve with each of our patients.

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